Age spots remove The best methods & home remedies

Disturbing pigment spots : age spots removal: The best methods & Home remedies

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  • 25.11.2019

If you can your age spots remove () would like to offer your several ways. We have compiled an Overview of the different methods .

Age spots with different methods and home remedies to remove.

Age spots with different methods and home remedies to remove.

Whether one should let age spots remove, is first of all an individual question – some methods have only limited prospects of success and should be asking, therefore, also behind. We have listed Below, what methods and home remedies you can your age spots remove can .

What are “age spots” ?

Age spots arise as a consequence of the natural aging of the skin. Strictly speaking, it is a pigment disorder caused by UV radiation-so the sun light. This Knowledge is especially important when you want to opt for a method to make your age spots remove .

With these tips you can slow down the skin aging

So age spots

In the first three layers of the skin, the Pigment Melanin is located – it ensures that we are in a beach holiday so nice and brown: Will irradiating our skin to sunlight, the Melanin content, because it will block the UV rays of the sunlight. As the cells to be harmed.

With the years, it is, however, that this mechanism works correctly. Then the Melanin of the skin and will no longer be degraded properly collects. The result of the skin discoloration that we refer to as age spots are. They are therefore also called sun spots .

Age spots removal: creams and ointments

Age spots with certain creams and ointments do not directly remove, but you can tone it down, thanks to certain ingredients. One of them is called Thiamidol and is included in the appropriate maintenance series. It inhibits melanin production to great effect. Concerned should be able to find within two weeks a lightening of the dark spots .

Other ingredients, the against Hyper-pigmentation used to be, among other things, Hydroquinone (prescription), Kojic acid and Glycosäure, to all cause in a similar way, a lightening of the skin .

So you can have age spots removal

Should you wish to have your age spots removed, so only going to the dermatologist helps. This can treat you using various methods, but, of course, also have side effects bring .

  • Chemical Peeling: In the case of a chemical Peeling age spots are removed by an acidic solution – such as alpha hydroxy acid (shortly AHA) is applied on the affected areas to remove the top layers of the skin. After an initial formation of bubbles, comes including an evenly pigmented skin to the surface.
  • Laser treatments: Laser treatments operate in a similar way as the chemical peels – you can work with the lasers, only more precise. The affected area is briefly irradiated mur a high-energy light pulse. Depending on the severity of the age spots, can penetrate the Laser in the deeper layers of the skin .
  • Dermabrasion The Dermabrasion is also used in the cosmetics a high appeal. Under local anesthesia to be sanded in this method, the upper layers of the skin using small crystals. Then a new layer of skin that is evenly pigmented forms .
  • Cold treatment: As the Name perhaps suggests, are frozen in this treatment method, the corresponding Points selectively. Similar to the Peeling, arise here, too, in the Wake of the bubbles on the skin, and the tissue is sloughed. The new tissue to evenly grow back .

Age spots removal home remedies

Whom the above-mentioned means appear to drastically to get rid of its age spots, can try with remedies from the local cuisine. The disadvantage here is that the treatment over the next few weeks should be carried out several times a day. So who can muster enough patience, you will find it here:

  • Lemon and oranges: A study was able to demonstrate that in the essential Oil of the lemon rind is an enzyme is included, the production of melanin in the skin controls. The citrus fruits contained Vitamin C to support the skin’s enzymes, pigments break down. DAB in the evening before going to bed, cold-pressed citrus or orange oil to the affected areas, so that it can move in over night. This process is repeat daily. After four weeks, usually on a first success is to see .
  • Garlic with parsley: Also, the essential Oils of the garlic to lighten the skin and age spots removal. Here’s how: Boil 250 milliliters of water and pour over a few sprigs of parsley in order. Once the broth is cold. you may take the branches out. For the treatment you halve a clove of garlic and RUB the appropriate Places several times a day with the cutting surface. Then, blot the parsley-Sud about it and let everything move.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is used in cosmetics to be a real all-rounder and should also help to make age spots off. The contained fruit acids remove the top layers of the skin and acts as a natural scrub. For this you DAB every day a little Apple cider vinegar on the age spots and let it work overnight.

Instead age spots removal: Easy to prevent

Age spots, as mentioned above, a natural process of aging of the skin. Nevertheless, you can’t prevent them, what makes a Removal necessary. When prolonged sun exposure, be absolutely sure to wear a tailored to your skin type sun protection. Don’t forget: Even in the shade, UV can reach-rays of your skin. Hands and face separately, as the earth with a care cream, UV protection .

A balanced diet can help age spots to prevent. Micro-nutrients such as Vitamin C (citrus fruits, Kale, currants) and E (sunflower or safflower), but also zinc and selenium (nuts), which help the skin to quickly regenerate.

General information on pigment spots, where they come from and how to disappear, read here. Everything on the topic of sun protection, you can read here.

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