Andrea Kathrin Loewig

Andrea Kathrin Loewig

Actress, singer, voice actress, mother – Andrea Kathrin Loewig has many talents and loves her versatile career.

Andrea Kathrin Loewig

  • Born 21. September 1966 , Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt / Germany
  • First Name Andrea Kathrin
  • Name Loewig
  • Years 53
  • Size 1.64 m
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Partner Andreas Thiele (since 2015) ; Andreas Hartwig (2012-2014)
  • Children Of Josephine Emilia (*2008)

Not everyone knows that

To support you in the birth town of Merseburg, the special school "School of life", collecting donations and working with the mentally and physically disabled children. It is also involved in the charity "Hand in Hand e. V.", the distressed children in Africa are supported.

Even as a child, Andrea Kathrin had Loewig nothing more than to sing and dance in my head and always wanted to be a actress .

If the actors are pregnant, this is for series productions often a challenge. Not so with Andrea Kathrin Loewig, because when she was pregnant, wrote the screenplay authors, your character Dr. Globisch pregnancy literally on the body.

Biography of Andrea Kathrin Loewig

Andrea Kathrin Loewig is a true veteran in the German television. Since 1999, it plays in the successful ARD-doctor series "In all friendship" the role of chief physician for anaesthesia and surgery, Dr. Kathrin Globisch. Since 2015 it is with this role also in the offshoot "All In the family – The young Doctors" to see. With more than 6 million viewers each week, is one of the most popular TV-star in Germany.

Criticism of your series figure

In 2017, however, the conservation of the blonde actress shocked her Fans when she wrestled in an Interview with Closer with their role . "We nibble and gnaw always a little on the scripts and think: ‘Oh, God, who has come up with such dialogues?’. I hope to see that Kathrin may Globisch be a little bit funnier. I’m here now so the moral finger ", the mother of a daughter criticized the Plot of the series. But it looks like you have to Worry, Andrea Kathrin Loewig could leave the Show. After all, the MDR has announced in March 2017, the exciting stories about the Saxons clinic until at least 2020 to continue.

Andrea Kathrin Loewig, the tonsils gold

But their most popular role in "In all friendship" the only leg of Andrea Kathrin Loewig is not a long time ago. After her training at the prestigious Hochschule für schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin, they played before in popular series such as "Good times, bad times", "Praxis Bülowbogen" and "Polizeiruf 110" and by the way, also on theatre stages. She also works very successfully as a synchronous speaker. In lent, among other things, already a Hollywood star Charlize Theron, Brenda Strong "Desperate Housewives" and Christa Miller in "Scrubs" your melodious voice. In 2004, she was awarded with the German prize for synchronous work in the category "Outstanding female dubbing work" excellent. With a voice and stage presence, Andrea convinced Kathrin Loewig as well in a number of Musicals and revues.

Private it was a hot

Fans of the popular actress of interest, however, is not only for the career of your idol, but, of course, want to have a look into your private life. Accordingly, violently the rumors seethed kitchen, as Andrea Kathrin Loewig 2008 brought her daughter Josephine Emilia to the world. At first nothing Unusual, but until today, the happy mother is silent about who the father of her child is. With good reason! The whole media frenzy was too much, a she confessed that the ominous man "longtime friend" and "married" be. With the time calm returned, but again in the home Loewig. Meanwhile, Andrea Kathrin Loewig is in a relationship with the architect Andreas Thiele happy and is enjoying her family life.

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