Anna Chlumsky

Detour to success: Anna Chlumsky, the Star of the student, from the critic to the chief of Staff of the White house — well, on screen anyway.

Anna Chlumsky

  • Born 3. December 1980 , Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • First Name Anna Mary
  • Name Chlumsky
  • Years 39
  • Size 1.57 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Partner Shaun married So (since 2008)
  • Children Of Clara Elizabeth (*2016) ; Penelope Joan (*2013)

Not everyone knows that

Before her big breakthrough with "My Girl – My first love" played Anna in a small supporting role in the Film "Alone with uncle Buck" – the Film, its subsequent "My Girl" Co-Star Macaulay Culkin the child star made.

As a child Anna dreamed of becoming, to do what with horses, or to become a paleontologist .

In March 2008, Anna has married her College boyfriend Shaun So. In 2013, their first daughter, Penelope saw the light of the world, in April 2016, the two announced to be expecting their second child .

Anna has lived a long time in Salvador, Brazil, and speaks Portuguese.

Every night before she goes to sleep, pray you.

Biography of Anna Chlumsky

Anna Chlumsky is basically a typical child star. Even as a Baby she had modeling jobs and stand with her mother, singer and actress Nancy Chlumsky, for advertising and promotional campaigns in front of the camera. Since it was only a matter of time until the little girl should get hold of a roll of film .

With "My Girl – My first love" children

Her first main role was played by Anna Chlumsky as an eleven-year-old in "My Girl – My first love" – now a classic we remember all of us happy. On the page of Macaulay Culkin as a child star, whose life, however, took not a good turn, saw the young actress as Vada Sultenfuss, the daughter of a widowed Bestatters (played by Dan Aykroyd). The relentless themes of family and death brought to the young acting talent of Anna Chlumsky all kinds of attention. Suddenly she was a Star!

It is more main in followed roles "My Girl 2 – the love of My life", "Mommy Market – the search for the dream mother" and on the side of Christina Ricci in "Gold Diggers – The secret of Bear Mountain".

Exit from acting

Since Anna was just 15 years old, and already stood at the Zenith of her career, when she made a decision. Because of the interesting role in the absence of offers and found that the hard Hollywood business was with all his Taktiererei the right place for a young people, looked after other career paths. She studied International relations at the University of Chicago and made in 2002 to their completion. After that, she worked for several years as a restaurant critic.

Return, with prominent support

However, their exciting show season could forget Anna Chlumsky never really. She started to get bored in your Job, and played with the idea, to the acting, to return. Her then boyfriend and current husband, Shaun encouraged his Dearest in their plans, and also a prominent lady has her part in Anna’s decision. None other than singer Roberta Flack, Anna met by chance in a Bar, told her to try it again with the acting .

Great success with "Veep – The Vice-President"

With so much encouragement to reach a decision. Anna Chlumsky wanted to know! In order to be well prepared, she took acting classes at the "Atlantic Acting School" in New York, and the work paid off .

Anna landed guest roles in US TV shows such as "Law + Order", "30 Rock", "White Collar" and "Hannibal", before it landed in 2012, the big Hit. In addition to Seinfeld Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky is in politics satire series "Veep – The Vice-President" as chief of Staff to the Vice-President in front of the camera.

And where is the Happy ending remains ?

This Job "Veep" what makes it so good that it was nominated for the 2013-2016 five years in a row for an Emmy as best supporting actress in a Comedy series — and 2019 the same again. Similar to Leonardo DiCaprio, in which all the long-awaited Oscar had been waiting for, you must also be patient for Anna still. Because in spite of the six Emmy nominations, she was allowed to take, as yet, no home — and the series took in may 2019, with the seventh season to an end.

In a CNN Interview shortly before the Emmys, Anna is shown to be grateful and confident: "I guess the course of my career, and I’ll think well, what do I do next. We do not know the future. We can never tell when something happens for the last Time. Maybe I will someday again be something ." Maybe? Hopefully! But needs Good known for its time — remains to be seen what successes the future holds for Anna ready.

Social Media by Anna Chlumsky Super jazzed!

Get the swag, but for pity’s sake, don’t elect Jonah Ryan to the presidency!

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RT @RonaldKlain: As a former Chief of Staff to two Vice Presidents, I’ll be bidding a fond farewell tonight to the worst ever Chief of Staf…

Thank you, @VeepHBO and all of the several hundreds of people who made it a show for changing my life. #veepfinale.

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