Axel Prahl

Axel Prahl is a German exceptional actor and musician who always goes his way .

Axel Prahl

  • Born 26. In March 1960 , Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein / Germany
  • First Name Axel Ferdinand Konstantin
  • Name Prahl
  • Years 60
  • Size 1.67 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Silja (married in 2014) ; Andra Pauline Prahl (divorced)
  • Children Of Helene (*2005) ; Theodor (*2005) ; Masha ; Saskia

Not everyone knows that

Axel Prahl is probably more proper than thin; on the question of whether he would make Sport, he replied again: "I play table tennis, that should be enough".

The smoke: The actor is to smoke up to 24 cigarettes a day .

Nevertheless, Axel Prahl is fit: "In the "The scene of the crime" should I rush to a railway embankment, to keep track of an offender who had a decent head start. I got him always, even though we had increased the lead always ".

Money he finds so important, looks at it, but in retrospect, as well, that his career started 40 years late, and he also knows the other side of the coin: "I’ve learned a lot in my life ".

He is a St. Pauli Fan

Axel Prahl is also available on audiobook: For example, he reads "If you consider that we are all crazy…" by Mark Twain.

He drives his own motorhome to the Set of münster "Crime scene". "This is my little piece of home".

His favorite color is Blue.

At Hackescher Markt in Berlin, he photographed passers-by for the Online Petition "A Million Faces", the part of the campaign "Weapons under control!" is. "Only there, where people come together and communicate for a common goal, strong, can pass great things ".

Biography of Axel Prahl

How to describe him, the actor Axel Prahl, known primarily as Commissioner Frank Thiel of the "The scene of the crime" in Münster? He lives in the countryside in Brandenburg, is a successful actor, has a total of three daughters and a son with two women, is married in third marriage happy and has achieved all of this, because he pursued his two passions in life: music and acting. It runs like a red thread through his life: Axel Prahl tried out and has no Problem with failure time .

Success with the "The scene of the crime"

"The scene of the crime" in Münster, is its trademark. Ztogether with Jan Josef Liefers, he has extended to 2016 its agreement with the broadcaster, WDR, is also a crime scene-the movie is in space. Since 2002, both as an investigative team to be successful. Celebrated the two actors are the extension of the contract in a special way: they gave a small concert in the city of Saarbrücken. As you come through again, the love for the music that accompanied the actor to a lifetime of .

Co-stars are shocked by the news of your death

Axel Prahl – a difficult student

Axel Prahl grows up in Holstein, Neustadt, the love for the music he gets from his mother, a saleswoman. He plays the guitar and loves as a youth for Irish folk music. His education is not in a straight line: "I was a Truancy". He starts an apprenticeship in a metal profession and cancels after one year. He decides to find his fortune as a street musician in Spain . "If you go always straight on, you miss the exciting things", looking back, the actor on his eventful years. Still, it drives him back to Germany, he to get his diploma, and then studied five years of music and mathematics at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Kiel. But he broke off his studies to no "exciting things" not to miss: He graduated in 1982 a three-year Studied acting in Kiel and in 1984, at the Schleswig-Holstein state theatre is already active.

He loves the music and the acting

The love for music kept Axel Prahl: He made music in the Band "Ougenweide" and founded the Band "Pulse". But the double burden was too great, and he focused first on his career as an actor. In 1992, he was followed by his TV debut in the Film "Sleeping Dogs". The jump to the cinema the following in 1999 with the Film "Creatures of the night", he played in the minor role of a policeman. The Film is his first, but not last collaboration with Director Andreas Dresen and is paving the way for his coming success as an actor. The Director obliged him again in 2000 in the role of policeman for the TV movie "The COP" and Axel Prahl shines: He receives the Adolf-Grimme-Award for his acting performance.

"The scene of the crime" and other projects

From 2002, he is with Jan Josef Liefers in the successful münster the crime scene. And Prahl plays more class. The TV movie "The hope dies last" brought him again in 2003 in a Adolf-Grimme-award. However, the actor was not sure whether he could play the role, is a role as a womanizer and philanderer. "I told the Director (Marc Rothemund), that when he sees me in this role, I’ll play you." It successful for television appearances, among other things, in "Willenbrock" and "The Ranger and the girl". In 2005, he lends his voice to the Wolf for the animated Film "The Little Red Riding Hood-Conspiracy", in "Angry Birds – The Movie" from 2016, his distinctive voice is heard .

Successes both on and off the "The scene of the crime"

In addition to his Job at the "The scene of the crime" Axel Prahl do to well today and is happy to play and full of fervor. In 2015, he was in the The ARD two-parter "The Ladder To Heaven" to see on the side of Christiane Paul and turned up a year earlier with Doris Dörrie your Film "All inclusive". And also its cooperation with the delicate film Director Andreas Dresen goes on: In the past few years, the dream team movie has masterpieces such as "Half A Staircase" (2002), "Willenbrock" (2005) and "Timm Thaler or the sold Laughter" (2017) on the silver screen.

Thiel and Boerne still investigating (at least) until 2020

However, Fans of the popular Ermittlerduos Thiel and Boerne have to Worry that Axel Prahl to be "The scene of the crime"-Commitment for the benefit of his cinema career depends. At least not for the time being: by 2020, have committed Prahl and Liefers for the popular crime series. And the two have a good pay. While Gage was in front of the tough negotiations somewhere under 100,000 Euro per emitted a result, the two topschau players now 250,000 Euro per case. Clear that the WDR is its most popular investigators properly what cost, after all, convinced Team Münster with the highest ratings of the series. Regularly achieved the "The scene of the crime" from Münster has a market share of about 30 percent, the result of "Swan lake" (2015) broke with almost 14 million viewers, a record, and the most-watched TV broadcast of the year – and this is certainly also the merit of Axel Prahl.

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