Biological age So you can calculate your Bioalter

"Man, you’ve kept but good !" Has anyone ever told you that you look ten years younger than you actually are? This friendly fellow has then addressed to her biological age. What is the biological age is? Scientists have proven that external influences such as our environment or habits make us faster or slower aging. Therefore, the biological age does not equal chronological age, the age in the passport. And you can calculate in a Test .

If you want to know how your physical condition is, the biological age describes the namely, you only need to make a couple of information to your life-style. Do You Smoke? You do a lot of Sport? How to nourish yourself? All of this plays an important role for the General condition of your organs, joints and muscles. A couple of clicks and details to meet, and you know how she is their body and thus their biological age. The skin of smokers, for example, forms wrinkles faster than non-smokers. Those who exercise regularly, is often slimmer and has a more efficient cardiovascular system than a movement of the muffle. At least as important as the personal life-style is diet. A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables keeps the body fit and healthy and reduces the biological age is equal to a couple of years. Also, the genetic make-up plays for the biological age of an important role. Just answer the following questions and find out your biological age .

If you want to know how old you really are and what you can do to keep your body young and fit, simply answer the following questions in the Bioalter Test.

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