Britney Spears released a special Song

Britney Spears: you released a special Song

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  • 29.05.2020

Britney Spears has made its Fans a special gift. At midnight, the singer released the special Song "Mood Ring".

Britney Spears has provided Fans with new music .

Britney Spears has provided Fans with new music .

US pop star Britney Spears (38, "Toxic") has his Song "Mood Ring" reprinted and published. "Since we don’t have him [in 2016] is used, he is now up to you to get out. I hope you turns aloud ", Spears writes a Post, and added the Cover of the Songs velvet audition. Already at the beginning of may, the singer had the image as a new Cover of your album "Glory" released as a thank you to their Fans, as the Album of 2016 at the 3. May 2020 No. 1 on the US iTunes Charts was increased .

The photo on the musician rekelt in a skimpy gold costume in the desert, was built in 2016 on a shoot with Dave LaChappelle for Spears’ ninth and, to date, last Studio album. But it should, as well as the Video of the Director to "Make Me. ", as "too sexy" classified have been and not made it to the Cover. Instead, the Album is graced with a Close-up of the singer. The now released Single "Mood Ring" was listen only on the Japan Version of the album. Now, the bonus track is as "Mood Ring (By Demand)" also in the case of streaming services available.

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