Charlotte Casiraghi + Dimitri Rassam dream weddings in Monaco + France

Dimitri Rassam + Charlotte Casiraghi : the wedding in Monaco

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  • 01.07.2019

On Saturday (1. June) married to Charlotte Casiraghi, her fiancé, Dimitri Rassam and the two dresses that she wore can be seen. By the Church Wedding on April 29. June in Provence was even a third bride Look revealed

Kisses and champagne at the Grand Prix?

In the short notice on Saturday night (1. June) has been released via Facebook, confirmed the Prince’s Palace, the marriage of Charlotte Casiraghi, 32, and Dimitri Rassam, 36. "The wedding of Mrs Charlotte Casiraghi and Monsieur Dimitri Rassam in the Palace the Palace – Saturday, 1 June 2019", it is. For this purpose, the Fürstenhof posted a photo of the bride and groom. Now another photo has been released showing the newlyweds in their Outfits for the wedding party .

Charlotte Casiraghi, is getting married in Saint Laurent

The Couple married in a registry office, and for your excellent taste in fashion, well-known bride-to-be chose a very unusual dress from the house of Saint Laurent. The silver-gray lace dress in sheath shape and with U-boat neckline flatters the delicate figure of the 32-year-old Charlotte played perfectly. Eye-catching Detail: the three superposed loops. To combined the particular dress the Monegassin simple accessories as well as shimmering white Heels with ankle strap.

Mariage de Mme Charlotte Casiraghi et M. Dimitri Rassam au Palais performs – Samedi 1er juin 2019. Crédit photo: Eric Mathon / Palais performs

The second Look in white

While she wore during the Ceremony an unusual dress, the beautiful bride in the evening for a classic Look that was no less stunning. In addition, a picture published by the Monegasque Palace, to see the bride and groom in the evening-Outfits: "Reception on the occasion of the wedding of Mrs Charlotte Casiraghi and Mr Dimitri Rassam Saturday, 1. June 2019, in the Villa La Vigie," commenting on the princely house. Charlotte wears a strapless, ivory gown with a intricately pleated bodice, and it combines an extravagant diamond necklace that once belonged to their deceased grandmother, Grace Kelly, and a Faux-Bob. In fashion, the second wedding Look is circles not only because of the necklace that Charlotte Casiraghi wore, as a tribute to her late grandmother counted. The dress experts see Similarities to a white corsage dress, the Kelly 1955 in to your Thriller "To Catch A Thief" wore.

Réception à l’occasion du mariage de Mme Charlotte Casiraghi et M. Dimitri Rassam samedi 1er Juin 2019, à la Villa La Vigie. © Photo : Felix Dol Maillot

Wedding in Private

More Details for the wedding of Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, Fürstenhof is a non-price also gave to the Couple is known to be Private from the Public to stay out of this. Photos and Videos posted of the wedding guests during the Celebration at Instagram and Facebook, were quickly deleted. Nevertheless, a few Details to the wedding and the subsequent Celebration were leaked. The company is said to have celebrated particularly exuberantly. In lovely weather, by the Pool, the Celebration took place – swimming animals and other inflatable Water toys included. The guests should have worn a bathing suit, a dress code seems to have it is not given. From the formal atmosphere of a Royal wedding, not a trace, apparently, was .

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