Corona the check With of 99 you look different on this pandemic

RTL cross travels through Germany and asks

Corona-Check: With 99 you look different on this pandemic

28. May 2020 – 16:13 Am

Nele Balgo

The Coronavirus affects all areas of life. Whether you are young or old, everyone is in Germany affected by the restrictions. Older people will be isolated for your protection often. Our Reporter Stephan Richter and our reporter Janine Bleker trips a week by the Republic. The aim of the Tour is to talk with different people about the consequences of the Virus for your life, to know your Worries, Fears, and personal experiences .

It continues with the consequences for the lives of the elderly and young people in a multi-generation house in the state of Hesse!

Old people are particularly vulnerable and are therefore protected in the best possible way in front of the Coronavirus. Because if Covid-19 breaks out in a retirement or nursing home, the consequences can be fatal. In several German homes for elderly people have died of the disease. We have visited the healing house in Kassel. There were young and old people living together. For both of the Virus means a change of Life.

99-Year-old: "It has thus become isolated ."

"That’s become a lot calmer, everything. And the dining room is. The missing one of course. We eat in the room. And otherwise, we are always a table community, where you can talk in advance. All of this is Yes now ", Sofie regrets Schöbel the changes. The new restrictions caused by the Coronavirus have changed your life. In three months she will be 100 years old and the oldest resident is in the house. She sits in a wheelchair, has pre-existing conditions and belongs to the risk group. Although the 99-Year-old to the danger from Sars-CoV-2 is conscious, not shocked you the Virus. In the second world war, they have experienced fleeing all of the other things she says.

Normally, cook or play together, the residents of the healing house. Now wife has Schöbel with Knit, read or do crossword puzzles alone. "It has thus become isolated ", she says. A visit must get the senior citizens here subject to conditions, but. That’s why Sofie is Schöbel grateful. What are the thoughts of you makes the Virus, and what appeal it has, you will see in the Video.

Singing on the balcony as a new community project in the multi-generation house

But it’s not just the older people, lack of friends and Acquaintances. The 16-year-old Nepomuk, who himself lives in the house and works, missing his friends, with whom he often sits on the roof terrace of the house. The residents of the healing house to make the Best out of the crisis. "We all stick together. And here’s a quasi-no one is alone", Nepomuk explained. Distance to him is important, especially in school. He feared that at school too many people in a confined space with each other and so infect vents meet. Their environment would infect Nepomuk in any case. Especially for the older residents in the house that would be a risk.

Although it has changed for the seniors by the Corona-crisis, some of the healing house an example of how community can work in this time anyway. Every Friday come all the residents of your window and sing songs together. There is Nepomuk feel the community is particularly strong.

Probably all of the older people do not experience this support in the crisis. According to a RTL-Forsa-survey, only around half of all respondents (51 percent) is of the view that the policy of the Corona-crisis enough to take care of the concerns and needs of older people in Germany. 38 percent do not think that the policy takes care of enough of it. Sofie Schöbel feels in the multi-generation house. But she is happy, if you can eventually spend more time with your roommates .

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