Coronavirus Donald Trump prescribed mask duty in the White house except for yourself

"I’ll be anyone as close to"

Coronavirus in the White house: Trump’s prescribed mask of obligatory but no

12. May 2020 – 9:17 PM

Masks for (almost) all

US President, Donald Trump does not see the recent cases of Corona infections in the White house as a Problem. At the same time he ordered that the employees of the government must carry Central now as a precautionary measure, face masks. He himself and Vice President Mike Pence will be excluded .

Trump wants to wear a mask

"In my case. I’ll be anyone as close to", Trump said. It was therefore for him it is not necessary to wear a mask, the President said at a press conference, when he stood on a Podium in the garden of the White house at a safe distance from employees and journalists. Also in the case of a journey in the state of Arizona, Trump was waived recently on a mask. Already in April, as the health authority CDC Americans recommended the Wearing of masks in Public, distanced himself from Trump immediately. He’ll wear no mask, it was a voluntary measure, not a requirement, he said.

The government had the Situation "very well under control". The recent infections in the White house had no evidence that the security arrangements had not been proven . "This can happen", Trump said. The new Mask does not apply to all public areas of the government headquarters, but not for individual offices, as several US media unanimously reported. Employees of the premises on the office building should avoid visits to the White house as far as possible. The measures should help to prevent a further spread of the novel Coronavirus in the White house .

President is tested every day in Corona

Trump makes for days of pressure to relax the Corona restrictions throughout the country, in order to recover the economy. The infections in the White house, however, show how difficult a return to normal operation is likely to.

The US President, the Vice President and Top staff who come directly in contact with them, are now tested daily on the Coronavirus. Trump said, every day hundreds of people come to the White house, yet there had been but one infection case. In fact, last week, were tested for two employees in a positive way. Trump stressed, three members of the Corona-working group of the White house would have gone because of contact to the concerned Person only as a precaution in quarantine .

Spokeswoman ill – Pence does not want to quarantine

On Friday it was reported that the spokeswoman of the US Vice-President Mike Pence, Katie Miller, has been positively on Corona tested. Three high-ranking members of the Pence led Corona-working group of the White house declared then US-according to media, that they would isolate as a precaution to home: the immunologist and Trump adviser Anthony Fauci, the head of the American health authority (CDC), Robert Redfield, and the head of the food and drug administration (FDA), Stephen Hahn. Pence himself doesn’t want to go, despite the infection, his spokesperson, according to media reports, in quarantine .

80.000 deaths confirmed in the United States

Also, if Trump is this: The Coronavirus pandemic is not in the United States in many of the country already under control. This is also true for the capital city of Washington and the adjoining States of Maryland and Virgina. In the US, a country with some 330 million people, there are Johns Hopkins to be now 1.35 million confirmed Corona infections and 80,000 deaths. The United States is deplorable, therefore, per 100 000 inhabitants in 24 deaths. The novel Virus, Sars-CoV-2 can cause the lung disease Covid-19 .

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