That tells the time of your birth, on the character

Unbelievable: tells the time of your birth, on the character

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  • 24.02.2020

In addition to the signs of the zodiac it is also the specific time of birth, which reveals quite a lot about the character

Baby at birth

Baby at birth

It is not only the horoscope that can tell something about the character of the people. According to different theories to actually have the time of birth have an influence on the character, and thus certain things about the personality statements. Rather withdrawn, or the crazy chicken? The time of birth can tell.

Between midnight and 2 a.m.

Who came between midnight and 2 o’clock in the morning on the world, feel generally more comfortable when things are familiar. Uncertainty and unfamiliar situations are more likely to be avoided. Stability in life is the most Important thing and will also be given to other people. Cohesion and family are the most important factors in life.

Pizza and Muffin in A – the we love

Between 2 PM and 4 PM

Rest? Those who are born in this period of time hardly know. In every action of curiosity resonates. Discovering new things is always high on the list of priorities. Intellect and strong communication skills distinguish the personality, which is why not only a lot to read, but not particularly fond of new cultures, discovered to be .

Between 4 PM and 6 PM

What’s more romantic than during the sunrise born? Of course, the exactly is the personality. Romance and optimism is high on the list – also, always looking for the Good in people. A particularly positive feature is the empathy and caring for other people is .

Between 6 PM and 8 PM

People who are born in this time-defying energy, especially in the morning hours. At the same time set the highest expectations of themselves. This both makes them strong personalities with a lot of potential concrete and precise objectives .

Between 8 PM and 10 PM

The term loner is probably the best on the people who came in this period to the world. Excitement and Action are not welcome, a peaceful environment, however, is always right. Balance is the personality, so that you can quickly find back to the peace and quiet, if you have time come out of the concept .

Between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

To be In good company and not be Alone, however, persons born between 10 and 12 o’clock, like, at all. Many people are around you, you feel good and is even right in his creativity .

Between 12 o’clock and 14 o’clock

Challenge accepted. Challenges will be accepted, no matter how hard you are. Ambition and control are the key words that describe this personality the best. Work and power does not have to be simple, so that the drive will be lost in life. Friends and family can be neglected this time – if you’re looking for the contact to the people, should always come with a task to him .

Between 14 PM and 16 PM

At home, it is the most beautiful? For people who are born in this time, does not apply to this spell. On the contrary, Wanderlust, these people signed. Variety and a New discovery is probably the most important thing in life. Who wants to spend time with these people, should accompany him on his travels and adventures easy .

Between 16 PM and 18 PM

The afternoon tea in peace and quiet to enjoy a round of brooding. Probably the most beautiful activity of these personalities. You can philosophize, and, in addition, it actually is for almost everything to be grateful – even if it is just a conversation or something love .

Between 18 PM and 20 PM

The perfect friend for almost anyone who wants love and Affection. If Worry or grief, simply select its number. Sensitivity and empathy are the Strengths of this personality, which is why he particularly appreciated by his fellow men is.

Between 20 p.m. and 22 p.m.

Yourself in the center of it all? No, thank you. On the contrary, this personality is most like in the Background – with hands help. It could be described almost as a do-gooder who tries always to be for all the people around him as .

Between 22 h and 24 h

To make an invention in the Garage, and so successfully? If that happened to you, then definitely a Person who is born in this period of time. Creativity, enthusiasm and zest for life draw .

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